Admission Procedure
Following is the criteria for taking admission in GPS:

1. Admission will be open for classes Nur to IX and XI subject to the availability of seats. No admission will be accepted in class X or XII without the prior permission from the Board.

2. The minimum age for seeking admission in Nursery class is 3 years presents have to provided the evidence of DOB for the approval of the admission. The admission will be provisional till the completion of the documentation.

3. The parents of the students who want the admission of their child in J.K. in any class will have to fill the registration/admission form available at the accounts office .

4. After Registration Students from class LKG onwards have to appear in the entrance Eligibility test. The admission of the child depends on the overall merit of the student in written test and interview.

5. Admission in class Nursery is granted on the basic of availability of seats and interview of the child with the principal in the presence of the parents.

6. No admission will be valid without the approval of the principal.

7. Admission fee, annual charges, tuition fee and other applicable dues are to be deposited in the accounts office at the time of admission. Admission is not confirmed if the fee is not deposit.

8. Required documents for admission:

a- Residential Proof of parents
b- Birth Certificate of the child for the DOB proof
c- Four passport size photograph of the child
d- Mark sheet of the previous class passed*
e- Counter signed T C from the previous school*
f- Character Certificate issued by the previous school*
g- Fitness Certificate & Medical Report of the child including blood group, vision (Left & Right) and dental hygiene.

(*applicable in case the student has come from some other school)



                    REQUIRED DOCUMENTS






Minimum age 3 years


Parent s Interview with the



Address proof, Birth Certificate, four

passport size photos, Medical report*








Oral/Written Test (Informal



Parents Interview with the Principal


Address proof, Birth  Certificate, four passport size photos, Medical Reports*,

Pre Academic Report






Written Test English, Hindi & Mathematics  & Science


Parents Interview with the Principal

Address proof, Birth Certificate, four passport size photos, Medical Report*, Pre Academic Report, Countered signed TC of previous schools & Characters Certificate from previous schools







Written Test English, Hindi, Maths & Science


Parents Interview with the Principal

Address  proof,  Birth Certificate,  four passport  size  photos, Medical  Report*,

Pre academic  Report, Countered signed  TC  of   previous   school   & Character certificate from previous school







Written Test English, Maths, Science/S. Sci.


Parents   Interview   with   the


Address  proof,  four  passport size photos,  Medical Report* , Pre Academic Report  issued  by  Board, Countered signed TC  of  previous  school &  Character  Certificate  from   previous school

* Medical Report of the child mist include the blood group, vision(Left & Right) and dental hygiene.